Vaccines & Immunisation

Get our routine flu, travel and other work related vaccines from PAM Health - remove the worry of sourcing your vaccination program with us.

From Flu (Influenza) to travel vaccines we’re here to keep your workforce protected from illness, ensuring they have the right vaccinations to suit your business needs.

Flu Vaccination

Flu is highly contagious and regularly adapts to fight the changes in medicine, this is why new flu vaccines are released each year.

It is easily spread through coughing, sneezing and contact with infected surfaces. Because of this both your employees and business could suffer.

How to limit the disruption to your business

Flu vaccinations help to protect your employees from contracting flu and it also prevents the spread of flu. Flu vaccination provides your business with the best possible defense against absenteeism when flu outbreaks occur.

The best time to purchase flu vaccines

Normally flu season starts in October and peaks in January-February, however it can continue into May. Be proactive with your flu prevention strategy by ordering vaccines as early as September to help reduce the spread of flu in your business.

Pre-order your flu vaccines with PAM Health knowing we are the most competitively priced flu vaccination provider in the UK. 

Corporate Vaccination Programs

Make sure your workforce are protected this flu season by providing the necessary vaccinations. An important tool in disease prevention is immunisation, this can help your employees who are the most at risk.

As a business there is a legal obligation to assess the risks exposed to your employees.  When the risk is high you must take precautions to reduce the potential for harm.

A vaccination program is just one way to limit some of the hazards in high-risk occupations.

At PAM Health, we want to ensure you’re providing your workforce with the best possible care. Which is why we also provide:

• Ergonomic Chairs and supports

• Ergonomic Desks

• Ergonomic Accessories (keyboard, mice, stands etc.)

• Medical Consumables

• Medical Equipment

• Testing

• Free DSE Assessments