About Us


PAM Health is a trading name of ToHealth Ltd providing health and wellbeing solutions to the general public. These include but are not limited to face to face and online health assessments, and home-to-lab blood tests.

Optimal wellbeing is much more than simply having healthy biomarkers –we help consumers to thrive. We believe in the importance of preventative healthcare. Consumers are in good hands. We are experts in our field and our services are

reliable and our results accurate. PAM Health has secured its reputation in offering excellence, not just in the quality and efficiency of our ser - vices, but also in our constant dedication to customer care and after sales service. Ensuring every step of our business is as comfortable and re-assuring as one of our individual Health Checks. We ensure we listen and respond to the evolving needs of individual clients and tailor our services to align with an individual’s need to live healthy and live well.

We are a registered provider with the care quality commission. Our policy framework is common to all of our operations and we comply with all guidelines and auditing procedures.

Our business dynamic of providing a friendly, hassle-free service has enhanced our ability to offer the highest calibre of professional service. PAM Healths’ ethos of innovation allows us to offer the best products and services to address the major concerns and challenges for our clients in the field of preventative healthcare.


Why Go Private and Not NHS?

At PAM HEALTH we want to give consumers control and convenience when it comes to their health and wellbeing. We provide a wide range of blood tests and health assessments at affordable costs at our PAM Group clinics. With us, consumers won’t need to make a trip to their GP – our blood tests are delivered to the consumers home and results are return in two days. For some with private medical insurance and health cash plans, they can claim back the cost of this service.

Why Choose PAM HEALTH?

  • Better price compared to our competitors
  • Value for money
  • Person centred approach
  • We support behaviour change and ongoing journey
  • No 3rd parties
  • Secure data
  • Own laboratory
  • Own our clinics, not outsourced
  • Wider variety of tests

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide individuals to better health. We want individuals to be the healthiest versions of themselves and to support consumers on their individual and personal journey to optimal wellbeing.

Our Values

We are:

  • Enabling – we enable people to boost their health and productivity
  • Proactive – our proactive approach prevents issues from arising
  • Agile – we constantly adapt to your needs and are quick to respond
  • Bespoke – our recommendations are tailored to your particular needs
  • Engaging – our engaging experts provide insights that people want to use


We focus on:

  • Human Optimisation - our focus is not on one-off health tracking or monitoring existing conditions but on helping our active audience reach their personal best by building a lifelong picture of their own biomarker profile.
  • Personalised Support - customers value personalised support to improve their numbers.
  • Science Led - being scientifically human is at the core of what we do. We have strong scientific credentials delivered with a human touch.
  • Technology - our technology platforms are built in-house and are best in market.